Compare Speed Queen AWN432 vs AWN542 what’s the difference

Speed Queen AWN432Speed Queen 432 vs 542Speed Queen AWN542

Fabric Selector Switch:
AWN432: No
AWN542: Yes
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AWN432: 17
AWN542: 20

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Compare Haier HLP21N vs HLP23E what’s the difference?

Haier HLP23E 1.5 Cubic-Foot Portable WasherHLP23E vs HLP21NHaier HLP21N 1.0 Cubic-Foot Portable Washer

Here is the difference:

HLP21N comes with casters that make it easy to move around while the HLP23E does not include.

HLP21N: 1.0 Cubic-Foot
HLP23E: 1.5 Cubic-Foot

Lint Filter:
HLP21N: No
HLP23E: Yes

Drum Basket Material:
HLP21N: Stainless Steel
HLP23E: Polypropylene

Delay Start:
HLP21N: No
HLP23E: Yes

Status Leds:
HLP21N: Yes
HLP23E: LED Display

Water Level Selections:
HLP21N: 3
HLP23E: 4

Door Lid:
HLP21N: Clear Plastic
HLP23E: White Plastic

Carton Depth:
HLP21N: 20-1/8
HLP23E: 22-15/16

Carton Height:
HLP21N: 32-1/2
HLP23E: 38-9/32

Carton Weight:
HLP21N: 51.8
HLP23E: 75

Carton Width:
HLP21N: 20-1/8
HLP23E: 22-15/16

HLP21N: 17-1/4
HLP23E: 19-11/16

HLP21N: 17-19/32
HLP23E: 21-1/8

HLP21N: 43
HLP23E: 65

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Compare Haier HLP21N vs HLP21E what’s the difference?

Haier HLP21N Washer

We cannot find the HLP21E model on Haier official website at this moment. There are only 2 models: HLP21N and HLP23E listed there if you choose the category “washer” and use the filter “compact washers”.
However, according to the info we get, the only difference between Haier HLP21N and HLP21E is: the HLP21N equip with casters that allows you to move it around easier while the HLP21E does not include. Otherwise, they are the same.

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